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Who We Are

We are a group of developers that are passionate about technology. We primarily focus on Microsoft technologies but are open minded to other platforms and ways of thought. We are diverse in our experiences with technology some of us are seasoned corporate developers while others are students. Within the group we see each other as equals and are able to learn from our unique experiences.

What We're About

We believe that together we can make each other more awesome than we already are. We are firm believers that community makes us better developers and better individuals. We believe that community is more than a meeting of like-minded individuals that sit in the same room for an hour listening to a speaker then leaving without interacting with one another. We believe that community is actively engaging with one another. Whether it's an intense discussion over a new product or just shooting the breeze over a drink, together we can improve each other’s skills, technical or otherwise. We also love it when our members present to the group. We always want to provide a place where our community can improve their speaking and presentation skills. We also believe in encouraging other technical communities in the South Florida area. We are not competitors, we are comrades.

What We Promise

We strive to deliver content that appeal to our members that are just beginning their journey into technology and those that have been on their journey for a while. This means that most meetings we will have a presentation introducing a topic and a main presentation. We will also treat, with respect, everyone that desires to participate in the group. We want everybody to feel that dotNetMiami is a safe place for interesting and challenging technical discussions. We can agree to disagree but we will not tolerate disrespectful conversations. We also love our sponsors. We think their products are amazing and we hope you do too but we feel that sales presentations are boring. We promise to not sell you products but give you information about products that could save you time and make you a rock star in the office.


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